If you haven’t been by our space in Shawnee, we would love to have you! We offer everything from open-air coworking space to private, closed offices to suit your business needs. We’re really big on community around here and our espresso and coffee bar area are a great place to hang out and think or collaborate with one of our other members.

When it comes to the world of startups and entrepreneurs, the “f” word can be really scary. But it’s ok, we can help. Funding and teaching young businesses the right way to approach investors and VCs is one of our areas of expertise. We also offer an extensive network of professional services–everything from business development to marketing and software development. Reach out to us and let’s see how we can help.

Do you have an idea but don’t know how to use Rhino or other 3D rendering programs to make it happen? Maybe you’re a small business who knows there has to be a better way to produce the parts and pieces you need than negotiating an overseas contract. No matter what, if you need or want to sit down with a collection of engineers, thinkers and problem solvers, we need to meet!

Education is a big part of why we founded the DeviceShops in Shawnee. We love cultivating community and helping people move up–no matter where they’re starting from. With that spirit in mind, we’re happy to offer a collection of education courses geared towards recent college graduates or adults who are looking to make a career change. Come explore what we have to offer.