Client List

Steinlite, Inc.

The Steinlite Corporation, Atchison, Kansas, is the world's premier manufacturer of dielectric (capacitance) type grain moisture meters. Steinlite's dielectric moisture testers are fast and accurate, and widely used in the grain and agricultural industry to determine how much moisture a grain sample contains.

In Hand Health, LLC.

In Hand Health products make a therapist's life easier and advances patient recovery. Our transformational platform improves patient outcomes through exercise video prescription protocols, compliance monitoring, patient feedback and convenient options for improved communication.

Candy Cam Multimedia Robotics


CandyCam, LLC, designs, creates and markets affordable multimedia robotic platforms to filmmakers and indoor venues. CandyCam platforms offer unprecedented, reproduceable control when recording live-action events and scripted video sequences.

Sherpa Innovation, Inc

Sherpa Innovation serves as an experienced partner along your company's journey - helping it reach the next peak. We build cutting edge mobile and cloud solutions that deliver the correct user experience and align with your company's strategy. From design to production, from customer engagement to metric-based decision making, we handle the product life cycle so you can focus on your business.