Mechanical Design and Prototype Services

technical_training_lab_developmentDeviceShops is a great place to create your device. We provide a one stop location where you can design it, prototype it, develop it, and deliver it to market within a single facility.

Developing your device starts with completing a mechanical design using either your CAD system or a DeviceShops CAD system. Then, we’ll help you fabricate your components so you can assemble your product.

Once you complete the design creation process, you’ll bring your device to life using electronic or mechanical fabrication processes. Your prototype will likely require multiple PCBAs (printed circuit board assemblies). At the same time, the DeviceShops team will assist your team as you design and develop the control software and firmware your device will need.

In summary, your DeviceShops home will help you design, assemble, test and modify your device –  in one superbly-equipped space.

And, if your device needs simulation capability so you can show your early stage customers how your product will function, we’ll help you deploy a demo using sophisticated simulation software, so you can close orders as soon as possible.