Development Stages

Developing a business from an idea, through start-up and growth, and into successful revenue generation is not easy.

DeviceShops assists business founders to be successful. We understand that most entrepreneurs have little or no experience starting and building companies.  With more than 50 years of combined startup and business growth experience, DeviceShops provides you with a structured methodology that will directly assist and support your new business in all phases of growth it will experience.

We apply a rigorous methodology called the Performance Management Model (PMM) to offer the shortest path to building high value companies. The phases include:

  •   Phase I – Business Planning
  •   Phase II – Proof of Business
  •   Phase III – Infrastructure
  •   Phase IV – Growth
  •   Phase V – Replication
  •   Phase VI – Liquidity

If you have an idea for a new device business, or have an existing business that you would like to grow faster, please give us a call. You may be surprised how fast you can grow your company.