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Currently, the web site does not use cookies or any other electronic method, other than user-submitted info forms, to collect user information. does not store or capture personal information via cookies or scripts. may log user IP addresses (Internet Protocol: the standard that defines how data is transmitted between two devices). These IP addresses are automatically recognized by the webserver, and are never associated with individuals. If DeviceShops changes this policy in the future, any change will be reflected in this document. If DeviceShops applies cookie technology in the future, we will only use it to improve system administration of the site. will never store information on your computer, or obtain personal data via software, without notifying you in this document.

If you register to receive information from DeviceShops we’ll keep your data on our internal network and apply appropriate security controls to manage your personal data. DeviceShops will not sell, rent, or share your personal information with any organization outside DeviceShops. DeviceShops will use your personal information only to provide you with information via email that you specifically requested.

On occasions, DeviceShops may contact you with information that we feel is important. If you ever want us not to contact us via email, let us know at

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