What We Offer

Your DeviceShops home offers you a variety of features that provide you and your team with an exceptional environment for creating, planning, developing , and manufacturing your product.

The stimulating and supportive DeviceShops environment helps you grow your device idea from brainstorm to business-at-hand.

Your new DeviceShops home gives you access to more than 8000 sq. ft.  of space, with private offices, a development lab, a fabrication shop, a training room with full A/V support, conference and meeting rooms, a kitchen, and like-minded entrepreneurs and developers that, like you, use the open spaces at DeviceShops to socialize, interact, and exchange.

Make DeviceShops your small business home – for now and for the future.

DeviceShops Features and Resources

Office Space, Work Spaces, Meeting & Conference Rooms

Your DeviceShops home offers you more than 8ooo sq. ft. of usable office and meeting spaces.

Each DeviceShops client has a furnished private office, and open access to workshop and development lab spaces,  including the use of meeting/conference spaces and a training room with full A/V and internet support.  (more…)

Workshops, and Equipment & Tool Rental

Every DeviceShops client is supported by our workshops and fabrication labs. Most workbench space is open access;  or, you can reserve a broad variety of mechanical and electronic equipment for a low hourly fee. Monthly subscription plans are also available.

Due to the nature of some equipment, experience or certifications may be required. (more…)

Business Resources & Services

The overarching philosophy of DeviceShops is “strength in support”.

The DeviceShops team understand how business startups work, and have a long history and personal experience developing small businesses. They understand the obstacles that face your small business, and have a passion for helping your business succeed. No strategy or available resource will be overlooked. (more…)

Prototypers & Makers

DeviceShops has a long track record of creating new and  innovative devices.

You’ll design and prototype your device with the help of seasoned experts – starting with mechanical design using our CAD system (or your own), and then fabricate PCBAs or other  components in the machine shop or on 3D printers, before assembly. (more…)

Pre-Production Support

Most product life plans include a pre-production run of 10, 25 or even 50 devices.

DeviceShops helps you plan, manage your pre-production build – including fabricating components, creating bills of materials, developing effective and efficient assembly processes, testing systems, and deploying the manufacturing operations you’ll need to scale production. (more…)


DeviceShops knows that developing a team to support the business surrounding your new device takes a substantial effort.

Training your staff represents an important part of your business investment. We have the facilities and the experience to help you develop and maintain a solid support team. (more…)